What is GGZ?

Guns Girl Z, also known as Houkai Gakuen 2, is the predecessor to Honkai Impact 3rd, featuring similar ideas, characters, and plot lines to that game but in a different universe and with a separate canon. The game has been discontinued outside of Japan and China, and is difficult to access, and cannot be easily played in English anymore.

What is this?

This web app allows you to replay the story cutscenes from GGZ in a visual novel format. This has been accomplished using data from the GGZ cutscene interpreter, which in turn uses data taken directly from the original mobile game. Backgrounds and music from other parts of the game have also been added to some of this recreated story content to enhance the presentation.


  • This app is completely web-based. No downloads are required, and you can play it right in your browser.
  • The app is mobile friendly, so you can play it on almost any device.
  • Features an improved English translation courtesy of the folks at Hoyostans. The original game's English localization was notably rough.
  • All of the scenes are recreated from data and assets taken directly from the original game, providing a high degree of accuracy.

Other important notes:

All of the content, artwork, music, and media presented in this not-for-profit fan work is the exclusive property of MiHoYo/HoYoverse and COGNOSPHERE.

Thank you to the Hoyostans community, including Mister Spaceman, Demonbanex, Bun Bun, Max, Darkmiz, and others for their work on the re-translation.

This is a prototype. Only a few chapters are included to show off the engine and put it through its paces. Feel free to provide feedback or ask questions. This app should work on any device with a modern web browser, including mobile and tablets. Chrome or Safari is recommended for smoother animations.

Development log


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Is it uptodate

this is fantastic!!! I hope you keep updating this since I just started playing the game on jp servers and really need the translation :D

How do I access GGZ cutcenes?

These are the “cutscenes,” they are presented in a visual novel style (both in the original game and in this app).